Israel – Medical Pot Powerhouse

Marijuana under the microscope. Photo credit:


“Mimi Peleg’s job is to teach people how to use pot—how long to inhale smoke or vapor, how to administer sublingual drops, or how to ration out a pot cookie.

Peleg directs large-scale cannabis training for the Israeli government’s state-supported, discreet, successful and expanding medical cannabis distribution center, MECHKAR. MECHKAR began as a tiny program serving about 1,800 people from 2008-2009. Today, supplied by eight farms located all over the country, the program distributes cannabis to 12,000 patients.

While medical marijuana has been approved in 18 U.S. states, and recreational use in two, U.S. federal law still criminalizes the drug, and its future remains uncertain. In Israel, however, the $40-million-per-year medical-marijuana industry is thriving. And, while research efforts have been continually hindered in the states by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the DEA, the Israeli government is funding and supporting breakthrough research on the many healing potentials of the cannabis plant.”

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      1. Dear Heila – I miss your blogs – you make feel home when I read them, my eyes will fill with tears, I can’t control. It’s my country where I served for 5 years, even of 3 injuries I had, home is home.

        Toda Raba!


      2. Dear Mihran,

        I just read (parts of) your interview on Nicholas C. Rossis’ blog. And I listened to your music. You are a very special person and I absolutely, honestly love your music.


      3. Shalom Heila – Hope all is well with you and in good health – I am honored to your comments and encouragement, this means a lot to me. Do you Reside in the States? If so, it will my sincere honor to have you y honor guest in my concert. I look forward to hearing from you;

        Toda Raba



      4. Thanks for your invitation dear Mihran. I have never been to the US but I regularly visit my mom and sister in Germany. You don’t happen to have plans to tour Europe do you?

        Shabbat Shalom.


      5. Shalom Heila – I was speaking with my Music Director to learn from him of my tour for next year. It seems the tour in 2015 will be energetic and Europe is included. Where in Europe do you reside? Is it Germany?


  1. Tubularsock has always found that the U.S. policy against
    Marijuana as archaic and counter productive. Pot access is so prolific in the U.S. that it seems “legal” even though it’s not in many parts of the country. Never seems to stop those who want to use it.

    And now with vaporizing you don’t even have to get smoke in your lungs. Sweet.


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