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Heila, you do not need this perfume.- (Not convincing enough.) I WANT it.

You do not have the money  for luxuries. – (Not convincing enough.) I can pay by installments.

The joy you will feel after you bought it will be very short-lived . – (Not convincing enough.)
It will make me feel great now. Who cares about tomorrow… 

Spending this kind of money will worsen your already grave financial situation, which in return will cause you mental and emotional stress. – Hmmm... (I can’t ignore this one.)

Your mom didn’t send you money AGAIN for buying stuff you don’t need but to SAVE you from drowning in debt and worry! Ok, that did it! I’m not buying the perfume (although it’s on sale…).


Are you familiar with those I-want-it-so-bad-but-I-know-I-shouldn’t struggles?

If you find yourself using every excuse in the book to buy more, follow these simple tips to stay on budget.

Lack of accountability is endemic among the financial, political, and academic elite trio.

I just had to share this very interesting article/discussion (don’t miss the reader comments!!) although the subject is not really in line with my blog content plan:

Credibility Loss in Climate Science is Part of a Wider Malaise in Science


Age is Only a Number



How many times have you heard people say “Age is only a number”? Probably lots. Individuals who spit up this phrase are most probably either very young, on drugs, or they want to sell you something. They say it to comfort you, or to reassure themselves, or you really do look acceptable “for your age” and that’s their way of telling you.

Well friends, I just turned 55, I feel great most of the time – physically, mentally, and emotionally. But let’s be honest, getting old sucks!

10 years ago (it seems like yesterday… okay, the day before yesterday) when I turned 45, one day on the beach this absolutely perfect specimen of a suntanned, muscular lifeguard hit on me. Of all the young hot beauties on the beach he picked me. I was excited and flattered, of course. We had a one-night fling which I will never forget.

Today, I don’t wear a bikini anymore and even in a one-piece bathing suit I don’t feel like showing myself on the beach. My body has changed. Although I am still told that I am attractive, I know what the years have done to me. I don’t look like this  anymore. Maybe I just shouldn’t care. But being aesthetic was always important to me, whether it concerned myself or others.

Growing old means: your hair loses its pigment and turns gray, on the whole body, wherever you [still] have hair; on the other hand, women suddenly have to pluck stubble from around their mouth and chin, a place where they never had visible hair before. The skin turns wrinkly, saggy and gets old-age spots. Your once youthly perfect nails morph to gross, protruding pieces of ugliness (I’m not there yet but I’ve seen it on old people). Your eyes lose their shine. Body functions aren’t what they used to be. Getting up in the morning takes longer and might be accompanied by back pain or stiff limbs. Still think getting old is just a number?

But there are also a few good things that come with age: Learning to focus on what makes us feel good and being consequent enough to get rid of whatever and whoever is bad for us. The ability to enjoy the moment and be genuinely thankful for every day on which we are able to see the sun rise and set. Being able to help others and to enjoy the rewarding feeling and the sense of meaning it gives us.

And here is the best: Falling in love is possible at any age! And it does happen. At all ages.

70% Humidity

70% relative humidity and temperatures of around 33°C/91°F, that’s our average weather in July-August-September in most of central and Northern Israel (at the Dead Sea and in southernmost Eilat summer temperatures rise above 40°C/104°F and humidity is very low).   

High humidity means sweating after you just took a shower, sweating when you meet a friend on the street and not wanting to hug or kiss them cause everything is just unbearably gluey and uncomfortable with sweat running down your face and your soaked t-shirt clinging to your suffering body; sweating when you go to the bus stop and melting away while you’re waiting for the bus… In short, you sweat, feel sticky, smelly, and untouchable as soon as you’re not in an air-conditioned place.

Besides the sticky, muggy part, high humidity also makes us feel as if it’s hotter than it actually ist. Why is that? 

To cool itself, our body sweats. The sweat evaporates into the surrounding air carrying away heat from the body, as a result we feel (a little bit) cooler. When there is high humidity and the air is already saturated with water, there is no room for more wet and thus our sweat cannot evaporate.The cooling mechanism is blocked, we are stuck with stickiness and feel hotter than it really is.

Tip: Always carry a handheld fan with you in your bag.

Courage and Hope

Every day begins with an act of courage and hope:

getting out of bed.

– Mason Cooley

“Like” Button Deleted

There will no longer be a “Like” button in my (future) posts, only in the comment section (I hope). I want people to read my posts because they find them interesting, for some reason or another – and that I will see in my stats. No need for liking out of a feeling of obligation, returning a favor or some similar reason. I know from Facebook that the number of Likes does not reflect the number of people who actually read or looked at the post. People don’t always feel like pressing “Like”, myself included. Reader comments and shares continue to be welcome and appreciated.

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Talk about Feelings with your Children

Prinz William urges parents and families to talk about mental health with their children. As he celebrates Father’s Day, he urges especially fathers to be more open about their feelings and not to neglect the often sensitive topic of their children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Unresolved mental and emotional issues can “alter the course of a child’s life forever”, and lead to problems such as addiction, violence, suicide, and homelessness.

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White Oleander Flower

Nerium oleander (plant), toxic in all its parts, ubiquitous in our region – Mediterranean and Middle East.



Small Piece of Plastic

Israeli invention to save millions of lives. Bloodless and painless circumcision for adult males to reduce HIV infections by 60%-70%. Tzameret Fuerst, Co-Founder and CEO, presents PrePex before an audience of 13,000 participants in Washington DC, March 2013.

What a woman! Listen to her inspiring talk ( only six minutes) : 70% Less HIV in Africa

PrePex is the first and only device for non-surgical adult male circumcision for HIV prevention in resource limited settings.

More info:

1) The New York Times:…

2) BBC World News:…

3) The New York Times:…

4) Clearinghouse on Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention:
An important aggregator of global scientific evidence on the subject matter. The site is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and managed by the United Nations (UNAIDS) with evidence provided by the World Health Organization, universities and global public health authorities. Reviewers that include Harvard University & John Hopkins University.


Photo and Graphics: Yuval Baruchman

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