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Milky & Caramel – Moving to the North

In August Heila took us to our new home. We were now officially a family – Heila, myself and my brother Caramel. (Remember how we looked in the beginning: Milky & Caramel when they were toddlers.)

We can’t really understand why she moved to the North but it’s fine with us. There are hardly any cars now (we live in a kibbutz, it’s like a small, far-off village) but the nextdoor neighbor has a really scary dog. (But we’re too fast for him anyway.)

The most fun part of moving were the first weeks during which Heila’s new place was a paradise of boxes, bags, and other stuff that made for great hiding places and things to check out and play with.

Did you see the uncomfortable toilet we had then? (Now we have a first class WC, Made in Italy.)

Caramel hurry up and stop looking at your sh.. all the time.
Now it’s my turn, go away.