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Hooked on a Book about Addiction

I don’t want it to end, but I can’t read slower either…

a million little pieces

by James Frey

Photo credit: http://www.james-frey.com/james-frey

“Aged just twenty-three, James Frey had destroyed his body and his mind almost beyond repair. When he enters a rehabilitation centre to try to reclaim his life, he has to fight to determine what future, if any, he has. His lack of self-pity, cynicism and piety gives him an unflinching honesty – a fearless candour that is at once charming and appalling, searing and darkly funny.”

‘powerful and searingly self-critical … easily the most remarkable non-fiction book about drugs and drug taking since hunter s. thompson’s fear and loathing in las vegas … perversely uplifting, as a memoir, it is almost mythic’

‘a magnificent achievement and a fulfilling, unforgettable experience. frey’s brutally candid memoir has a youthful vigour and poetic tone that sets it above all previous addiction stories … an extraordinary and deeply moving book that will make you think about family, friendship, love, religion, death and perhaps most of all, the human spirit’
irish sunday independent

‘frey really can write. brilliantly. and if you don’t think so, f*** you’
evening standard

a million little pieces is as intense and perfectly detailed an account of a human quitting his drug and alcohol dependency as you are likely to read. and james frey is horribly honest and funny. he is unerring in his descent into a world where the characters need help in such extremely desperate ways. read this immediately’
gus van sant