Milky & Caramel

About three months before my beloved cat Katzelein left us after having been part of the family for 17 years, two orphaned kittens appeared at my front door. They begged for food and I couldn’t resist. The problem was that Katzelein was already sick and their presence really bothered her. I fed them but didn’t let them into the house. In the beginning…

Several months have gone by since. Katzelein is no longer with us (I think of her a lot and really miss her.) and I have adopted the two mischievous feline babies and named them Milky (she – white with grey and sand colored patches) and Caramel (he – a semi-wild red tabby).

Milky and Caramel are so funny, sweet, loving, and amazing that I just can’t get enough of hugging, cuddling and watching them. And of course I take lots of pictures, which I decided to share with you. Enjoy!