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Lack of accountability is endemic among the financial, political, and academic elite trio.

I just had to share this very interesting article/discussion (don’t miss the reader comments!!) although the subject is not really in line with my blog content plan:

Credibility Loss in Climate Science is Part of a Wider Malaise in Science


The tide is turning…yes, psychiatry must face reality

A MUST read for everyone coping or dealing with mental health issues.
“Antipsychotic medication, which seemed so important in the early phase of psychosis, appeared to worsen prospects for recovery over the long-term. . . .It appears that what we currently call “schizophrenia” may comprise disorders with quite different trajectories. For some people, remaining on medication long-term might impede a full return to wellness. For others, discontinuing medication can be disastrous.” Thank you, “Beyond Meds”!