We could be a Prosperous Oasis of Cooperation in the Middle East

(Two days ago.) While I’m up in the mulberry tree, gorging on the plenty of ripe fruit, above me I hear the roaring of several military aircrafts, probably on their way to Gaza.

Sometimes the reality in this country is so absurd. And so sad. Right now I just feel lucky that the missiles from Gaza have not reached us here in the north (there were also a few rockets from Lebanon…) . We avoid driving through Arab populated areas, with whom we are normally on friendly terms. I have a great car mechanic in our neighboring Arab town. Sadly, I won’t have my car serviced by him this year.

I believe in dialog, paired with the serious wish of all sides involved to find a peaceful solution, even if this means having to make concessions . This government lacks both. So sad. And stupid on the long run. Israel, together with its Arab population and neighbors, could be a flourishing oasis of cooperation projects in so many fields. Together is always stronger than one against the other.


  1. nice that you like some, keep your chin up and stay protected and healthy in these probably hardest days of the last decades…many things bring back memories of Intifada…wish you good luck

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  2. it is terrible to see that your country can never find real peace since the days of Rabin, yet one wishes that someday there will be an enlightenment in Israel’s soul. Unfortunately, the last political decisions of the US government under Trump seem to have in some way upset your world, because since then the hatred has only increased. Too bad for your beautiful piece of earth, which in this form could even probably sink endlessly into chaos…. (Sorry…but one must express now also times harder criticism, because it cannot be titled so always everything as beautiful, if perhaps here the world peace stands on the stake).
    Love & Peace …🕊️ 🌈

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