Change the Subject

(This is an updated version of the one-sentence post I published yesterday.)

Changing the subject in a stuck or sad conversation can work miracles and sometimes it’s all it takes to make someone feel better.

I remember a situation with one of our residents that really made me feel good. She had asked me if I had time to talk and I did. She didn’t feel so well, was a bit depressed and wanted to share what she felt. While I listened to her I heard birds tweeting and chirping (we were sitting outside and it was a wonderfully mild, sunny day). In a minute of silence between us I asked her if she liked birds, nature, flowers. My question took her by surprise and she had to think and obviously change the direction of her thoughts.

The conversation turned into an inspiring exchange of ideas and knowledge about nature.

When she got up to go, she said That’s what I like about you Heila, you always take my thoughts to completely unexpected places and after talking to you I nearly forgot why I wanted to see you in the first place.

♥ ♥ ♥

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