I Feel like Giving Up

About 4 months ago I started to learn how to work on a pottery wheel in the ceramics workshop in our rehab center. Twice a week I spend about 3 hours learning wheel throwing, how to center the clay and form mugs and dishes on the potter’s wheel. In the beginning I had the feeling I was slowly getting it, although the few cups I succeeded to make, were, I think, more due to a good day I was having rather than having acquired the technique. I learned to center the clay quite quickly. Then raising the walls, well, as I said, the few times I did succeed were pure luck.

Then I started regressing. Nothing went right anymore. I received so much different advice from so many people that I didn’t know anymore how to even start the throwing process. I am stuck.

I strongly believe that being persistent is more important than having talent. So for the time being I’ll go on trying. Let’s see, maybe I just need more practice.

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