After the Second Covid-19 Vaccine Dose

Last Wednesday morning I received my second Covid-19 vaccine shot. In the night that followed I woke up to go to the toilet. I had difficulty getting out of bed, my whole body hurt! I made it up by literally leaning on pieces of furniture nearby.

Several times during the night I tried to turn from side to side to find the least paining position, but since my left arm, the side of the injection, hurt even more than the rest of my body, there weren’t many options.

The overall pain subsided early noon the next day, Thursday, leaving me still feeling weak and with a light headache. I slept a lot.

Friday noon, I was back to normal. I felt like new!

My body had united all its forces and fought against the intruder. It is now stronger and better equipped to cope with the “real” thing. How exciting is that!

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