Warm End of Summer Turmoil

I am sailing, I am sailing, home again across the sea. I am sailing, stormy waters, to be near you, to be free…

Rod Stewart in the radio, nostalgic memories. On my way back home from a visit to my son in central Israel, yesterday afternoon. The weather is still very warm and I still haven’t fixed my car’s A/C. The windows are down, strong wind blowing my hair wildly messy.

National lockdown number two, end of week three. I am allowed to visit my son because he has disabled status.

What a mess. Corona crisis threatening our health system and the economy. Corrupt prime minister clinging to his chair in every possible manipulative way to avoid jail. Artists and journalists openly criticizing the government finding themselves jobless. Our democracy is crumbling. What a mess.

But people are taking to the streets to protest. For several weeks already, every Saturday evening, bridges and junctions all over the country are filled with flag waving souls who want to rescue their country, their values and their children’s future.

We must not give up fighting for what we believe in.


    1. Thanks Tube and yes, lack of enlightened leadership, that’s exactly what comes to mind when thinking of Trump although not in such gentle words. 😉 Just how did he manage to get over the corona infection so fast??? A pact with the devil…


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