My Home is Not a Museum or a Hospital

I like homes in which you can see and feel that someone is LIVING there. Living spaces that change – one day neat and tidy, the next a creative mess. Overly ordered and sterile places (and being asked to take off my shoes before I come in) make me feel uncomfortable.

(And I need colors. Being surrounded by warm, intense hues is inspiring. Colors are life.)

♡ My kitchen table and chairs can be covered with clothes and stuff for days, even a week or two. Until the mess disturbs my eye and I tidy up.   ♡ The pile of freshly dried laundry generally waits a couple of days until I fold and put it into the closet. ♡ Things I work on, like the rug I have been crocheting for the last several months or my study books, will be lying around (maybe moving a bit when I clean) until the project is finished. ♡ My green corner outside is in a constant state of transition, new cuttings being planted, well growing plants repotted, old plants cut back.

Life is a cycle of ongoing changes and accepting that I am part of this cycle gives me a sense of stability.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.
~~ Source: Google ~~

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