We are Young until we are Not

Above are excerpts from a TED talk, The gift and power of emotional courage, that might change your life. A very inspiring talk by psychologist Susan David, creator of the concept of Emotional Agility, about how important it is to accept and LIVE all your emotions, including the “negative” ones like sadness, pain, anger or grief, because accepting and embracing our emotions is essential to developing “resilience, thriving, and true, authentic happiness”.




  1. Oh yes, death.
    Tubularsock’s father had a running joke about death. Whenever we drove by a graveyard he’d point and say, “Everybody’s dying to get in there.”
    It wasn’t original to him but he liked that joke.
    In Tubularsock’s childhood the extended family was huge and they seemed to be dying like flies.
    Tubularsock figures a third of his early childhood was spent at funerals.
    Seemed it wasn’t scary to Tubularsock but boring.

    Tubularsock plans to skip the entire idea.

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