Miniature Gardens

“What makes your ideas powerful is how much you believe in them and the passion that you really have behind them. Excited words have the ability to make people do things differently or at least try. And at the end of the day, the wisdom we all share is only as useful as its ability to motivate positive thought and action.”

Lori Deschene, founder of Tiny Buddha

Lately I am developing a new passion: growing and propagating plants from cuttings and offsets (offsets are the baby plants that grow out of the mother plant), especially from succulents and cacti. I also collect plants that people threw out. Cultivating plants from cuttings is cheap – I take them from my own plants, from those of friends, from work, and when I go for walks – I never come home empty-handed.

Here are some of my nurslings:

Every morning I look at my “children” to see what has changed overnight, who is about to bloom, who is growing new leaves, who is recovering from too much rain or who is begging for a few wet drops. It’s very fulfilling to discover after a few days of having planted a cutting, that it has anchored in the soil and is beginning to grow.

I have a bigger plan though: I intend to start creating miniature gardens. Mini gardens are enchanting and a joy to look at, and at the same time they are not a static decorative item, but alive and in constant growth and change. If you are a person bursting with ideas and creativity, miniature gardens are a great way to channel them into dream creations.

Here are some examples:

Picture Sources: Top Inspirations; Baba Mail; Miniature Gardening

I’d love to hear about your passions!


  1. Your children look lovely Heila, I love doing that too. I look at my little plants too and am overjoyed when I see a new leaf or growth. Gardening and nursing plants gives so much joy!


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