Dear Bloggers, Dear Friends,

Here are Milky and Caramel, Heila’s cats, whom she asked to send you this message ’cause she is really busy building a new blog.

After 4 years in which you, dear friends, have been part of the journey through Heila’s thoughts and life, with her beloved, mentally coping son always in the background and in her mind, this blog is making way for a new, self-hosted blog that will combine her love for cats (purr!) and for languages.

The name of the new blog is (there’s nothing to see there, yet) and Heila is working on building and designing it. We hope she won’t forget to feed us while she’s preoccupied using us to show off her language skills … Looking forward to seeing you soon in Heila’s new place…ah, blog.


Milky & Caramel