Sometimes we find ourselves in situations in which we don’t exactly know how to behave or what to say. We then act in a certain way, which afterwards we might find was incorrect or inappropriate. Then the question arises: Should I talk about it with others, colleagues or superiors if it was at work; or friends, family, or whomever it concerns? Sharing might reveal a mistake I made and I risk receiving negative responses.

Still, I opt for talking and sharing because only when we open up to feedback we are able to learn and develop, and become really good at what we do. Only those who dare can grow.

6 thoughts on “Transparency

  1. Hello Heila 🙂
    I suppose if you tell the truth, tell it as it is, then if there is a problem, it is not yours to worry about.
    I do hope that you are happy and well this week dear friend and that the fires in Israel did not affect you. All over the news here. I do worry about you sometimes. ❤

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    1. Ha ha. The truth only, always. But sometimes we might be better off not saying anything at all…
      Thanks dear friend. The fires were very close… but we were lucky, they didn’t reach us. Here too the winds were crazy, so strong! Hopefully we’ll get some rain in the next days.
      Hugs. ❤

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