70% relative humidity and temperatures of around 33°C/91°F, that’s our average weather in July-August-September in most of central and Northern Israel (at the Dead Sea and in southernmost Eilat summer temperatures rise above 40°C/104°F and humidity is very low).   

High humidity means sweating after you just took a shower, sweating when you meet a friend on the street and not wanting to hug or kiss them cause everything is just unbearably gluey and uncomfortable with sweat running down your face and your soaked t-shirt clinging to your suffering body; sweating when you go to the bus stop and melting away while you’re waiting for the bus… In short, you sweat, feel sticky, smelly, and untouchable as soon as you’re not in an air-conditioned place.

Besides the sticky, muggy part, high humidity also makes us feel as if it’s hotter than it actually ist. Why is that? 

To cool itself, our body sweats. The sweat evaporates into the surrounding air carrying away heat from the body, as a result we feel (a little bit) cooler. When there is high humidity and the air is already saturated with water, there is no room for more wet and thus our sweat cannot evaporate.The cooling mechanism is blocked, we are stuck with stickiness and feel hotter than it really is.

Tip: Always carry a handheld fan with you in your bag.