Talk about Feelings with your Children

Prinz William urges parents and families to talk about mental health with their children. As he celebrates Father’s Day, he urges especially fathers to be more open about their feelings and not to neglect the often sensitive topic of their children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Unresolved mental and emotional issues can “alter the course of a child’s life forever”, and lead to problems such as addiction, violence, suicide, and homelessness.

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  1. I thought it marvellous that Prince William’s voice was a vehicle for this message. Even if only a few got the message, that’s a great start. Here’s to many more voices echoing the words.

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    1. Yes, it’s very encouraging to see such a message coming from a person whose mother still struggled with the rigidity of the conservative attitude of her husband’s family. Thanks for the comment, Carolyn.

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  2. Tubularsock totally agrees with expressing and discussing “feelings” with your children. It is one of the more critical tasks a parent needs to perform. The problem, as Tubularsock see it, is that most adults both men and woman have never been helped through their own feelings and are poorly prepared to be a vanguard for this critical task with their own children.

    One can seek help for themselves to be “better” at the task but in truth it is a life time job that needs attention on an on going bases. To work through your own issues of feelings and break the “imprint” of your own parents lack of understanding of feelings is your task at hand ……… so start NOW!

    In truth, your own parents didn’t mean to fuck-you-up but they only did want their parents did. It is YOUR JOB to break that cycle.

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    1. I so agree with Tubularsock!!
      For years I blamed my mother for all kinds of things that “went wrong” in my life, until I started grasping that she TOO was the product of her upbringing (and her genes of course) and that blaming her just hurt her without helping either of us.
      I myself have made many mistakes while raising my son – I began understanding that only after he and I had gone through so many rough times and I seeked and received help in coping with my own emotional mess. If I would have had the wisdom and emotional stability I have today when he was born, I could have saved him (and myself) lots of suffering.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, Tubularsock.

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  3. I agree! Parents should be more considerate if their child’s health in all aspects. If they can treat a small scratch or cut, then they should do the same with emotional and mental wounds too – Michelle

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