Content Creep

I just spent hours trying out different themes on my blog – and I trashed my “Blogging Schedule” post and page. But the main issue is my blog CONTENT.

What inspired me to begin blogging three years ago was my son’s coping with mental illness and living (with it) in Israel. However, when I look at my posts today, I realize that I am losing focus and am deviating from my core subjects. John Saddington put it perfectly:

“… Content creep is where your blog begins to represent and communicate more than what you’ve implicitly or explicitly decided to write about and cover. You start writing about things that are outside your core area of passion and focus.

What is the cost of content creep when it happens? Simply a dilution of your blog, your content, your brand, and your focus. What is the cost long-term when it goes unchecked? Stifled growth, lack of engagement, and burn-out because of it.

I have seen more blogs that had unlimited potential in the beginning turn into a graveyard as the owner dabbled with content creep and areas of content that were outside their core set of passions. I’m not sure how this happens but it happens enough to where you’ve probably experienced it yourself!

One of the most typical examples of content creep is where your blog begins to represent the entirety of your life instead of the particular passions that first started the blog in the first place!” 


So I cleaned up my blog from stuff that doesn’t belong and I’ll be back in a few days with a new post on mental health and/or Israel.



  1. Hello Heila 😀

    That is really great that you are playing with themes and content of your blog. Don’t worry about what we think, what is important is what you are happy to write about. I am sure that you will come to a happy conclusion. I am still following, stalking, and I am with you all the way my friend.

    Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  2. Heila, Tubularsock has liked all aspects of your past blogs. Found them interesting. Sticking to one subject, if it works for you, is the way to go. After all blogging is the author’s interest and the reader comes along for the ride.

    For Tubularsock it is easy because there are plenty of political “creeps” to fill libraries with “content”!

    Full speed ahead, Heila. Tubularsock can’t wait!

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    1. How nice to see you here, Tubularsock and thanks for the compliment. I just went to see what’s new on your blog (a post about Tubularsock himself… suspense! ) and then I saw your comment here. Smile!

      Yes, politics are an eternally yielding field- you’ll never run out of crooks and creeps to write about. 😉


  3. i like how you describe getting sidetracked…

    “content creep”

    i’ve trashed my blog change themes, names running from some followers.. Maybe it was just a fad, now i’ve still think about changing a name more suited to my personality..

    In the end i’ve lost some, old post, which i would give anything to get back, which is impossible…

    chris, happy cleaning!

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