Text or Talk?

Text messaging is a great invention.

However, due to the lack of facial and emotional expression, eye contact, voice and tone nuances, body language, and to delays in responses when texting, it bears a great potential for misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

It is amazing how upset a text can make the person receiving it, while the sender meant something completely different. And it happens all the time.

Just recently, I totally misunderstood the tone and the intention of two short text messages I received from someone very close. I was so hurt that I felt like cutting off the relation on spot. Ok, we are talking about a quite complex liaison and I admit being a bit impulsive at times. And, I had a dear friend by my side who herself is going through a sad period, and thus, she backed me up in my end-of-the-world and end-whatever-is-bad for-you mood.

Ironically, texting is supposed to be a quick means of communication, but when it causes a misunderstanding between two people, especially a couple, it can take very long to fix the damage.

So before letting a text that hurt or really annoyed you which you received  from someone who’s important to you, turn into an argument or a broken heart, pick up the phone or meet face to face and talk about it.

(I sorted things out in person with “my” texter …)



  1. Tubularsock doesn’t text. Tubularsock feels he can alienate people in long form just fine and go on and on and on.

    Good advice however, but texting as shock and awe might be helpful.

    Glad YOU sorted things out …… misunderstanding is too unfortunate.

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      1. Thank you heila. Feel free to attack anyone you wish in your future texts.

        That way YOU KNOW their response and don’t have to worry.
        It’s called direct communication!


      1. Yes. You are correct but the difference is that there is not a limit to the number of letters used. So Tubularsock could go on and explain EVERYTHING and you could save time and text Tubularsock with a “Shut the fuck up, Tubularsock!” And still have room to wish Tubularsock a “have a nice day” comment as well.

        Stay safe . . ., Tube

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