Willpower is Garbage

It is for people who are still uncertain about what they want to do.


8 thoughts on “Willpower is Garbage

  1. Hi Heila, Yes I just read your reply. I know what it’s like being inspired and going with it. I remember spinning here and there. But now I’m trying to stay focus. My energy level is limited and I tire easy so I have to choose the things I really want to devote my time to. Yes comments on my writing and conversations like ours are rewarding. I’m going to read the link you sent me and I’ll get back to you.

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    1. Hi Kimberly,
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      I am a person who easily gets inspired and enthusiastic about something, makes a decision, and goes for it. So when I saw it, I felt that this statement – Willpower is garbage… – is so me!! In the link below there are more sayings that I can really identify with, like: “You’ll Have Boundless Energy, Fueled By Purpose” and “After you’ve crossed the threshold of decision, you will find a new wellspring of energy — one that appears to be infinite.” Never mind the fact that I changed my goals a trillion times without ever having achieved most of them…
      But this all refers to tangible and rewarding goals that are achievable within a reasonable period of time. I think it’s a completely different story when you have to do or avoid certain things on a constant basis just to maintain an existing condition, like keeping a diet for health (or aesthetic) purposes. I can imagine how frustrating and difficult that must be. But you probably also have things that make you feel good and give you satisfaction, like your wonderful talented writing and the feedback you receive from your readers. ♥


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