Floor Relax-Restart

For quite some time now I have been unblessed with various back pains, hip hurt, knee problems, and other bone aches. These stem from early childhood ailments and accidents, from biking injuries, from my tendency to stumble into and over things, and from getting old.

Three things have proven very relaxing and soothing for my entire body (and soul!!):

  1. WARMTH – summer; hot showers and baths in winter; a cozy blanket; bone-penetrating warming sun rays; a hot-water bottle (the old-fashioned rubber ones); thermal springs.
  2. SWIMMING – I mean head-under-water swimming (and back swimming). Desperately trying to keep your head above the water to avoid hair getting wet or because you haven’t learned to breathe right while swimming will cause even more back and neck pain. I swim only in summer-warm water – many of the heated indoor swimming-pools are not warm enough for me, something that probably varies from country to country (and from person to person).
  3. Unwinding, unbending, stretching, and loosening up on THE FLOOR.
    Just lying on the floor (at home I have a small, thin carpet – when not at home, I find something else to lie on) with eyes closed, turning from side to side, stretching in all directions, consciously relaxing each and every part of the body, exploring where it hurts, doing some exercises to relieve the pain. I have my exercise routine, everyone can compose his own, from classes or the internet – there are many great you-tube videos. In summer, I enjoy just lying there and daydreaming away… I can even fall asleep on the floor. Gravity is no longer a burden on my body because I’m as close to Earth as I can get.
    The benefits of flooring, in simple words, and a great stretching exercise video: http://antranik.org/lie-on-your-back-for-comfort-now/

collage persian carpet

(Featured picture from here: http://www.orientalcarpetbrokers.com/about/news/)

13 thoughts on “Floor Relax-Restart

      1. Have you checked out the way combining it with black pepper vastly increases its effectness? Rather than relying on commercially produced tablets I use turmeric powder (half a teaspoon) and freshly ground black pepper. I add boiling water to make a tea then add milk. I also add some chopped ginger root. (But that’s a whole other story. 🙂

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