Feeling Gut

When we hear the word bacteria many of us instinctively think yuck, dirty, bad.

But actually, the 1.5 – 2 kilos – about three to five pounds – of microbiota (bacteria and other microorganisms) living in our gut and all over us, are good and vital for us.

Our gut’s “inhabitants” are responsible for supporting the digestion of what we eat,  for helping with the production of some vitamins, for warding off  dangerous, intrusive microorganisms (the “bad” bacteria) that can cause serious illness, and they are connected to obesity and skin conditions, just to name a few of their functions.

A newborn’s digestive system, which is sterile before birth, is quickly colonized by microorganisms from the mother (vaginal, faecal, skin, breast, etc.), the environment, the air etc. From the third day, the composition of baby’s intestinal microbiota is dependent on its food.

And here is the hottest stuff about our gut bugs, the gut-brain connection:

++ There is increasing evidence that intestinal bacteria play a major role in brain chemistry and mental health, in influencing our mood and our feelings, and they have even found to be connected to hyperactivity and autism;

++ The intake of probiotic foods or supplements has shown to improve mood and may even be effective in treating anxiety and depression;

++ FMT – fecal microbiota transplantation (yes, the transplantation of poop!), which is currently used to treat life threatening infections, may also prove to be an effective treatment for emotional and mental disorders.


The way to a happy heart is through your gut.







      1. Nice to see you back around, Heila. I saw your first “new” post a few days back, but I am running well behind at present. I shall get to you in due course. 🙂

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      2. Not catching up on you perpaps, but those I follow who can be prolific. And then there’s replying to all those gracious comments. And did I mention that I also have a non-WordPress life on line. And then there is “real life” of course, which has demands and requirements of its own. Then I even sometimes manage to snatch a few minutes to do some writing and/or posting of my own. (Which is one of the ways I got ensnared in WP in the first place!)


        Christmas comes and goes
        Once again no one gives me
        Another body
        To share the load – Yes I know
        “Just simplify,” – Yet do I??

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      1. Oh boy ! Yes, that’s right, it was the Dead Sea. So that’s where we were, as seen through baby eyes 😉 I had a great time. Thank you sooooo much 😀


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