Our Beliefs Control our Genes

You are not less powerful than your genes, says Bruce Lipton, PhD.


It is common belief that the nucleus is the command center or the brain of the cell because it contains the genes, the DNA. Now, if we take the brain out of any living organism the immediate consequence will be the death of that organism. But when the nucleus is taken out of a cell the cell goes on living unaffectedly, meaning that taking out the genes of the cell alters its behavior in no way. So the bottom line is that the nucleus is NOT the brain of the cell.

So where is the brain of the cell? What controls the behavior of the cell? And what does this mean regarding “inherited” diseases, like cancer? Are there genes that give us cancer? If there are, why can you live with these genes thirty or forty years before getting cancer, rather than developing the disease right when you are born and your cells begin dividing, i.e. reproducing and growing? The answer is that we need signals from our environment to activate expression of our genes. Genes do not self-activate. So which change in our environment causes the activation of genes that have been dormant for so many years?

We are all equipped to adapt and change our genes as we respond to the environment. In each of our cells we have genes that can rewrite the other genes when necessary.

We adjust our genes to fit the environment we “think” we live in. It is our perception that changes our genes. Perception, the awareness of the environment through physical sensation, controls the behavior of the cells. Perception can be wrong or it can be right, so it is actually our belief that controls the activation of our genes.

Here is the full speech: http://youtu.be/jjj0xVM4x1I






  1. Great post heila. Tubularsock says the trigger is emotion and from that comes the results of the perception. At least from Tubularsock’s experiences.

    One side exception however: “if we take the brain out of any living organism the immediate consequence will be the death” is in fact NOT TRUE! If we take the brain out of a living organism the immediate consequence is a George W. Bush! Just sayen!


    1. Thanks Tubularsock. And I agree that the emotions are triggers and the basis of perception but what triggers our emotions? I myself am undergoing treatment to get mine under control (I sometimes have sudden panic attacks and fears that tend to catapult me into a paralyzing down for several days…) and it is a lot of work.Thanks to my genes or god or whoever, I am generally a positive person and I get back on my feet quickly, but when I’m depressed I suffer. SUFFER.


      1. A very good question Heila. Tubularsock has discovered that emotions are triggered by past hurts and we all have plenty of them. These hurts appear at the cellular level not the mental level. That is why you can “talk them out” with a therapist but they reappear the next time a situation comes up and that emotion is evoked.

        The advantage to “talking them out” with a therapist is that it helps me to identify which particular activated past hurt was triggered that brought on the present reaction.

        The advantage to this is that with that recognition I can see how the current reaction is not necessarily “real” to the present situation. It’s not that it hadn’t activated the “feeling/emotion” but I recognize that it is a past reaction formulated into the president. Or a like/similar.

        Tubularsock has found this to be true for himself and continually stays present to the fact that those past hurts need to be recognized and “felt out” rather than be at “their mercy”. To recognize is to diminish their power and the more I can achieve that the easier life becomes.

        Now “sudden panic attacks and fears” are extreme and while you are in that state as we both know reason and logic are worthless because one is LOST in a past hurt. Usually from childhood. To be able to pull oneself up to the surface is incredibly difficult Tubularsock knows …….. and that is where my bike and running comes into play.

        Extreme exercise is one of the best ways that I have found to “break the panic and fear” cycle. It’s not perfect but there is something there that works for me. My feeling is that it gets my mind off into “consciousness of protecting the physical body” by the activity and crowds out the panic/fear. Not sure but it fucking works well for me!

        Well, good luck …….. Tubularsock is off to run his three and half miles in the rain today.
        It can’t get better that that!


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