Delicious Pitango

Pitanga in Brazil

Pitango in Israel

In Latin Eugenia Uniflora

Surinam or Brazilian Cherry

Juicy, exotic berry

Antidiabetic, antiviral, antifungal, antitumor

Sweet- tart in flavor

Red to black in color

Ribbed shiny exterior

More pit than flesh interior

PitangoPitango Tree

It’s love or loathe

Nothing in between

Taste it

And you will comprehend

What I mean.










8 thoughts on “Delicious Pitango

  1. I was introduced to this fruit in a back yard of a friend in Israel. we were a group of 5 tourists, we raided his tree as if there was no tomorrow! so delicious!!! if I could only get it in CT I will be willing to pay any price… Any importers?


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