Will She See Him Again? Alive?

An Israeli soldier reunites with his girlfriend during a 12-hour ceasefire, near Sderot
An Israeli soldier reunites with his girlfriend during a 12-hour ceasefire. Picture credit: http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/gaza-konflikt-aussenminister-fordern-laengere-waffenruhe-fotostrecke-117373-7.html


Thursday, July 31, early evening – The whole house and the ground just shook, accompanied by a dull but heavy boom. Another rocket sent to us from Gaza. Fortunately, this time it was not too close… no sirens went off here.


Dear Friends,

I am working (and choking…) on my next post. I hope to complete it within another few days.

In the meantime, I send you greetings from a troubled land.


Dear Ralph,

at http://bluefishway.com/2014/07/13/fun-with-israelis-by-the-dead-sea/

A month has gone by since you visited Israel.

I am very happy we met – you are a wonderful person and I really enjoyed the time with you. The timing of your visit was perfect: You were able to get an impression of the beginning of the mess we are having here now, and you left just in time before it became really uncomfortable.

Thank you for your great posts on your “adventures” in and impressions of Israel. You really know how to convey excitement and special atmospheres.

A strong hug from me and warm regards from Yuval. (BTW, how many camels and chickens did you actually offer him in exchange for me…? 😉 )

Ralph Heila and the Camel






































15 thoughts on “Will She See Him Again? Alive?

  1. Dearest Heila – I cried during my concert in Boston when I was performing to our brave army in Israel. I remembered you and your article.

    Your article ” will she see him again alive” is very motional, touched my heart and my musical band members.

    I miss you and I love you:)

    Hope to see you and your family in one of my concerts.

    Shabbat Shalom שבת שלום


  2. Heila – This is very emotional and sad story. You made cry after reading your blog. My bother was injured last week and it has been very difficult to me. As they say in Hebrew Toda Raba!


    1. Dear Mihran,

      I am so sorry to hear about your brother. How is he now? Yes, these are very difficult and sad times. We have to be strong and hope that the goals to enable stability will be achieved.

      שיהיה לכולנו כוח ושלום.



      1. Shalom Heila – Please accept for not responding earlier to your message. It was extremely difficult, painful and emotional. My brother and his two sergeants are receiving treatment in Tel Ha Shomer. He is still in the hospital, Toda Raba and I miss you!!


      2. Heila – My family don’t deserve with my brother injury. I am sad with what I hear upon speaking with them, This is unbelievable situation. My brother is facing some bleeding issues. Toda Raba for asking, I appreciate it!!


    1. Thanks for caring dear Ute.
      We are ok, thanks to our great “Iron Dome” (air defense system which is quite good at intercepting many of the rockets fired at us).


  3. Hello my friend 😀
    I am so pleased that you have made a post. At least I know that you are safe even though the earth shook for you.
    Thank you Heila for your lovely write up about me and I must add that you, alone, on one occasion in Tel Aviv and the other time showing me the Dead Sea area with Yuval were both wonderful and fun experiences which I will never forget. Thank you so much for your hospitality, friendship, being a guide and fun in your fabulous country of Israel. I miss you both.
    I think I offered Yuval one camel, two goats and three chickens for you Heila. He WAS tempted you know 😀 The offer still stands 😉
    The three of you please take care during these difficult times for you and keep posting so that I know that you are okay. Okay ?
    My love and hugs. Ralph xoxox ❤


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