Independence Day

Warm, dry desert air

Far away from the barbecuing masses


Our destination:

Neighbor’s strawberry fields

Over a rusty fence

Past barking hounds

Sandaled feet

Sand grains between our toes


And there

Waiting just for us

The fruits of seduction

Luscious red

In nests of green

Sensual aroma

Juicy sweetness


StrawberryStrawberries 4


Strawberries 2

But we didn’t find only strawberries…

Pockets stuffed with potatoes.
Doing the potato dance.


My friend holding his pants to keepthe heavy potatoes in the front pockets from plulling them down.
Our friend holding his pants to keep the heavy potatoes in the front pockets from pulling them down.




  1. Liebe Heila das ist schon verrückt dort schneit es und hier an der Ahr Überschwemmung hab einen so schönen sonnigen Sonntag das wünsche ich dir mit lieben Grüßen Klaus in Freundschaft

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      1. That will be great to meet him my friend as it will meeting you. I am looking forward to receiving your email Heila. Big hug. xox ❤


  2. How fun ………

    “Let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields.
    Nothing is real and nothing to get hungabout.
    Strawberry Fields forever.” John Lennon


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