Crazy World or Double Standards?

“Funny to think that when we talk to God it’s called prayer but when he talks back it’s called schizophrenia.”


13 thoughts on “Crazy World or Double Standards?

  1. Sorry I have been so long in visiting your blog. I am gradually working my way through my inbox and finally I have arrived here. Thank you so much for the ecard. I did enjoy listening to Dean Martin. I really do hope that you have a lovely Christmas and a brilliant New Year. Big hugs. Ralph xox 😀


    1. The anti-psychiatry activist Thomas Szasz, that makes sense. Thanks Ben, I didn’t know who this quote was from. I first saw it here: (I attended an evening about mental illness at Jill Sadowsky’s house a few days ago); and also here: where they added this part: “…even more bizarre is when a woman talks dirty to a man over the phone its £3.99 per minute but when a man does this its sexual harassment….”


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