Beat it, Beggar

Hi again, this is Katze, Heila and D.’s beloved cat. (For those of you who don’t know me yet, here is my profile: )

One sunny day this summer, this cocky bum showed up in our backyard. His pathetically pitiful face got him exactly what he wanted: Heila felt sorry for him and gave him food. Since then we can’t get rid of him. Well, to be honest, I think I’m the only one who would love to see him disappear again. That’s because I can see right through his manipulative green eyes… it’s obvious he’s a crook… did you see his bent ear, probably from some fight he had with one of his street gang foes. And, worst of all, he doesn’t stop hitting on me. Delusional creep.

You again! What do you want now?
You again! What do you want now?
Heila, you like me, right? So tell her that I'm worth a try.
Heila, you like me, right? So tell her that I’m worth a try.
Heila, make him go... please.
Heila, make him go… please.
I'm not moving until you agree to sit with me in the bushes over there.
I’m not moving until you agree to come with me to the bushes behind the house.
Forget it. I'm just as stubborn as you are. Sooner or later Heila will open the door and then you'll run...
Forget it, loser. Sooner or later Heila will open the door and then you’ll run…


  1. Hi Katze 😀 We don’t have the problem of guarding our door as we live 3 floors up, but we do look over the balconies and watch other cats in the street and lots of naughty dogs. Time to ask Daddy for our supper now. Love Sonic and Samantha xox


    1. Hi Sonic (cool name!) and Samantha, thanks for stopping by. Third floor and balconies eh, good for you. I’ve never been that high up, but I can’t complain; there’s nothing like having solid ground under the paws, trees to climb on and hide in and lots of tweeters to chase after. I’m going to have a nap now (till midnight, when I wake Heila because I’m bored…). See you around. Katze


      1. Hi Katze. We are the same. We sleep most of the day but love to jump around on Daddy’s bed, fight, pat noisy balls around the apartment when Daddy is just at the point of going to sleep at night. We have lots of fun then. We hope Heila is as happy as Daddy is when you wake her up. Daddy’s not going to bed yet so we are going back to sleep now 😀 bye S&S


      2. ha ha happy? Heila throws things at me when I get on her nerves in the night (she has all kinds of small objects ready on her bedside table…). If I quietly cuddle next to her, she’s fine, but if I start scratching the fridge or cupboard door to get her attention, or play with the computer cables, then she becomes unpleasant… enjoy your energy nap, ha ha 😉


      3. Computer cables are great fun aren’t they ? Daddy doesn’t like us playing with them or curling up on his warm laptop when he is trying to type, but he likes us on his lap now that it’s colder. We like that too as he is soooo warm 😀
        Daddy doesn’t get angry when we wake him up as he has had to put up with us for 10 years and just goes back to sleep.
        Katze. You be kind to Heila and curl up quietly when she is asleep. Okay ?? Love S&S


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