Merci ♥ Danke ♥ Toda

The pronoun you in the English Thank You doesn’t quite suit me here.

Spring Heart
Spring Heart, by Lidor Wyssocky, a totally cool Israeli artist:

I want to express my gratitude without addressing anyone, or holding anyone or anything responsible for the cause of my thankfulness or what led to it, i.e. preceded it.

After nearly three days of debilitating migraine I can smile again. I can enjoy again. I am functioning again. And I realize once more how precious good health is.

A healthy mind in a healthy body … only the sky is the limit… the sky is the only limit… the only limit is the sky… the sky… the limit… sky… no limit.

All YoursDripping Heart

Picture art credit: Lidor Wyssocky, a totally cool Israeli artist:
Picture art credit: Lidor Wyssocky,


  1. I also suffer from nasty migraines and it helps you to realize how good life is when you have days without them. I too hope you feel better 🙂


  2. Oh my dear, that can be fixed easy ( migraine I mean )…Drink only home brew coffee for migraines ( Short Black in tiny small cups ) ….Let us know if it works for you.
    Meantime …To Health….La Briut 😉
    Mens Sana in Corpore Sano ( Healthy body Healthy Mind )….That’s the original LATIN VERSION. 😀


    1. I drank black Turkish coffee קפה טורקי… but it was too late, the migraine was already in full swing. Once I stop taking my SSRI pills I can take a more effect migraine medication (the two are not compatible). HUgs and cheers and thanks for visiting.. 😉


  3. Good to hear that you feel better. I totally know how you feel. I also have frequent debilitating migraines, and the “day after” can only be described as pure bliss.


  4. It makes me sad to know you suffered so much. I hope your smile, your humor and good health will now last for ever…


  5. I am so pleased to hear that your pain has gone and that you now have a smile on your face Heila my friend. I know of at least three other bloggers who suffer from migraine so I suspect I know what you have been through. I wish you well and no more attacks. Ralph xox 😀


  6. Although I do not suffer from migraine, my wife is no stranger to it, so I have some experience of it at second hand, and immerse compassion, and I am so glad you have now recovered.


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