Are you an opinion oddball? Do you speak up and take action for the sake of doing what you think is right, even if that means swimming against the tide and having to face a majority that (thinks and) behaves differently?

Picture credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-m-eger/right-brain-left-brain-thinking_b_2631704.html
Picture credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-m-eger/right-brain-left-brain-thinking_b_2631704.html

How do we learn?
Monkey see Monkey do.
To what extent are we indoctrinated?
Critical thinking is unnatural, but…
What is the 99 about?

Listen to this great TED talk by the coolest teacher I have ever learned from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM07P-5BlYI

I took Prof. Joordens’ course Introduction to Psychology at https://www.coursera.org/
and it was simply awesome. I have never had so much fun studying.

“Steve Joordens is a multiple award-winning professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Steve, together with colleagues, developed an online support tool for the development of critical thinking skills, winning him the 2009 National Technology Innovation Award. His unique teaching style and ability to engage has led to packed lecture halls for his Introductory Psychology course that attracts 1800 students yearly. In addition to his teaching and research, Steve also engages in animal activism, provoking audiences to think deeply about the way in which humans ‘consume’ animals in laboratories and on the dinner table.”


  1. I enjoyed this video Heila and, yes, thinking outside of the box is a good thing as it prevents stagnation. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox 😀


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