The Beginning of the End

Or the End of the Beginning
But then isn’t the Beginning the Beginning of the End?


The Beginning of the End
Fall introduces the End of the Gregorian (Solar) Year


The End of the Beginning
Of the (Lunisolar) Jewish Year
Which begins in September (or early October)
Of the Gregorian Year


No Beginning No End
The Islamic (Lunar) Year
Shifts by several days
In each Gregorian Year


Dark Clouds Closing In View from our home.
Very windy late afternoon (yesterday), dark clouds closing in, view from our home.

Clouds Closing In 3Clouds Closing In 4

The Beginning is the Beginning of the End
Where there is a Beginning there has to be an End


The Cycle of the Seasons
A never-ending Cycle
Of Beginnings and Ends
Of Ends and Beginnings


Nothing is Forever
Nothing is Gone Forever
What Leaves Today will
Return Tomorrow


We Die and
We are Reborn
From our Bodies
New Life Emerges


A Cycle

Clouds Closing In 7


  1. 😀 ..I must laugh reading this, last week I got to an page of someone in my circle, which was asking ” WHAT CALENDAR TO USE ” FOR SOME KIND OF PROJECT OR SEARCH, or something similar ( I DID FORGOT WHO WAS IT or FOR WHAT ) 😀 …..To which I wrote it ” TRY the GREGORIAN CALENDAR … 😀 ….Cheers


  2. The way you communicated your thoughts was brilliant. I was captivated by such a thought provoking Blog. Excellent photos. I am in awe of your gift to Blog so beautifully!


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