I bet you’ve never eaten anything that contained “Love” as its Main Ingredient!

Pesto ingred 2

Love is actually listed as the first ingredient on the ingredient list of a pesto-like spread that I bought in a local supermarket here in Israel.

Here’s the translated ingredient list (from the Hebrew, which is written/read right to left):

Ingredients: Love (ahava אהבה), Fresh Parsley (45%), Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Fresh Garlic (7%), Salt and Spices.


Made with Love – Made in Israel


      1. Thanks Heila … but that’s the French one you’re on already … and that’s actually my fault as I mixed them in my message … 😉
        The other one : Tails from Paris, is the english version.


  1. This is interesting. Could this be the mindset of the producer or merely a marketing gimmick? If it is a mindset, then one notices great passion.If however it is a mere gimmick to gain consumer trust, then it sure is cheesy!



    1. Hi Shakti, thanks for stopping by and liking. Does it really matter whether it’s the mindset or a marketing gimmick? Either way, I think it’s brilliant and very original. 🙂


      1. I began telling them this many years ago when their dad got remarried. We are divorced. Apparently she was a good cook. They did not say I was bad, they just really said not much. Then I came up with the my cooking is different because I add love to it. They agreed and to this day say it all the time. They are 18 and almost 16. Somewhere along the line I became the better cook!!


    1. (For some reason I’m not able to reply after your last comment).
      What a smart and nice idea: “my cooking is different because I add love to it.” You’re not a psychologist by profession are you…? 🙂 I’m divorced too btw.


      1. Sometimes I have rely issues with the phone app and my desktop. Who knows? 🙂

        No, I am not a psychologist – just a mom. (Their step-mom is absolutely nothing like me – wicked witch of the…) I did that read your are divorced.


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