My son says this looks disgusting


I say it looks enticing

Because I know what it tastes like

I know how it feels on my tongue

How it exhilarates my taste buds

And my other senses

Its tantalizing scent wanders up my nostrils into my brain

Where it sets off a chemical reaction

When I SEE one I HAVE to HAVE it

No ripe ones on the ground

Or hiding in the green foliage today?

Can’t be

I shake the vines and peep between the leaves

Ha, here is one

And here another

And wow, a huge one falls to the ground

And slowly rolls away

Oh shit, the dogs are coming

But I HAVE to get this one too

I get on my bike

Arrive at the office

Halve open my precious gems

And voraciously slurp out the seedy juice

Aaaahhh… this is so gooooooood

My Fruits of Passion