Vipera palaestinae 2
Run over Palestinian viper
Bicycle 12
Completely emaciated individual of the only existing Israeli constrictor snake species.

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Bicycle, bicycle, I LOVE to ride my bicycle.

Thanks for the inspiration Queen. Best rock band ever!! And, the only one whose music my mom (74) loves till this day.

My bike is my best companion.

It doesn’t complain and doesn’t ask for much.

It always waits for me and is never in a hurry.

It takes me places cars can’t go where I see things people in cars don’t see.

For my bike, traffic jams and parking spaces are no issue. 

When I’m down, riding it makes me high.

When I’m high, riding it makes me higher.

It keeps me together.

I’ve been hit and injured, but that wasn’t my bike’s fault.

My bike is my best companion.